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Beat Stickman: Beyond, an ambitious idle clicker, making a comeback with a free DLC, quality of life update, and the deepest-ever discount

Announcement – press release for immediate public use

Beat Stickman: Beyond (developed by Mini Fun Games) is an incremental, idler, clicker game with chaotic funny graphics, a sci-fi theme, and a narrative that drives the progression of the game. It is mainly inspired by SPACEPLAN, Cookie Clicker, and the classic Interactive Buddy. The game tries to tell a sci-fi story using the game itself as a plot device.

Beat Stickman: Beyond was released in September 2022, but it did not receive the attention it deserved. The solo indie developer of the game has recently decided to give it a major update to make it more appealing and enjoyable for the players. The update consists of three parts:

  • The first part is a free DLC called Beat Stickman: Beyond – Story Mode, which rebalances the game to reduce the grinding and focus more on the story.
  • The second part is a quality-of-life update that fixes many issues and adds features like Dark mode, Windowed mode, left mouse alternative button, and more to make the gameplay smoother.
  • The third part is a huge discount that offers the game at the lowest price ever, giving more players the chance to get it.

The update and discount will be available on October 23, 2024.

Watch Beat Stickman: Beyond’s announcement trailer:

Watch Beat Stickman: Beyond’s epic story trailer:

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Mini Fun Games is a video game studio located in Vietnam, by the solo developer FVS. Its home page is at . Email contact: [email protected] .